Windigo Systems Openning doors to Windows

Reservations Express

Ferry Ticketing & Reservations

Reservations Express is an enterprise level solution for ferry boat ticketing and reservations. It not only helps cut costs, but provides fail-safe management of your passenger ticketing operations.

StartGator - Hyper-Menu

App Launcher, Document Catalog, Saved Links (Favorites) Index, plus much More

Find and access things quickly: apps, documents, photos, videos, music clips, etc. --- all the stuff you have stashed on your computer. Provides a catergorized cross-reference with local search ability. Try it for FREE!

BlogSpyder - Feed Reader

Keep Track of Your Favorite Weblogs

Select from a list of popular blogs or add your own favorites. Provides a categorized tap and go interface suitable for Windows PCs or tablets.

Wilderness Tracker

Backcountry Reservations for National Parks

Hosted on the Internet means no in-house network servers are required. No servers means no in-house technical experts required. And reduced workload along with 99.5% uptime translate directly to the bottom line. Pay as you go only for what you need and use.