Reservations Express

Why Cloud?

Ferry Ticketing & Reservations

Reservations Express is a robust software solution for ferry ticketing and reservations. It not only helps cut costs, but provides fail-safe management of your passenger ticketing operations.

Value #1

Now in the Cloud

Hosted on Microsoft Azure in the Cloud (over the Internet), it provides economy, scaleability, efficiency. Local data cache enables it to continue working in occasionally connected situations. If your Internet connection is down continue working. Synchronize to the master database when back up.

Value #2

Why the Cloud?

Optimized for organizations both large and small. Eliminates the need for in-house servers, or technical experts. Provides 24 by 7 up time. Provides data redundancy without the hassle.

Value #3

Reduced Costs

Hosted on the Internet means no in-house network servers are required. No servers means no in-house technical experts required. And reduced workload along with 99.5% uptime translate directly to the bottom line. Pay as you go only for what you need and use.